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Ballade pour Trombone/Ballad for Trombone, Concert Band

Composer: Eugène Joseph Bozza
Arranger: José Schyns
Grade: 5
Duration: 8:00
Publisher: HaFaBra Music
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sheetmusic for symphonic band only
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Eugène Joseph Bozza (1905–1991) was a French composer. He studied composition, conducting, and violin at the Paris Conservatoire. He is known primarily for his chamber music. Bozza's work includes five symphonies, operas, ballets, and many pieces for brass ensemble. His larger works are rarely performed outside his native France.
Bozza is particularly noted for his wind writing, having composed pieces for nearly all of the winds and strings during his academic career. In 1944 he wrote his 'Ballade for Trombone'.