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Canzon 26

Composer: Pietro Lappi
Arranger: Cynthia Johnston-Turner
Grade: 4
Duration: 3:25
Publisher: Tierolff
Sheetmusic for concert - or fanfare band.
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Pietro Lappi was born in Florence in around 1575 and died in 1630. As maestro di cappella of the church Santa Maria delle Grazie, most of his music was sacred and vocal in nature. Canzon 26 is one of 36 instrumental Canzoni for wind band published in Venice in 1608. The music was probably performed in the cori spezzati style (literally "split chorus") with groups of instruments set around the church in a conversational nature. Ideally (although not necessarily), this arrangement should be performed cori spezzati style as well. The three separate choirs can be placed around the performance space, or a suggested seating arrangement is provided, as the stage permits. Although there are two bass parts in the woodwinds (Bass Clarinet and Baritone Saxophone), the piece can easily be performed with only one bass instrument. Cues are provided. Two separate snare drums placed on either side of the stage will greatly help the cori spezzati effect, but it is possible to perform the piece with only one snare drum. The snare drums should play with snares off to mimic the sound of a Renaissance tambor. It would also be effective to use one snare drum and one tenor drum!


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