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Circle of Stones

Composer: Benoît Chantry
Grade: 4
Duration: 8:05
Publisher: Tierolff
Sheetmusic for concert - or fanfare band.
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With supersize spiral bound A3 score
Over 4000 years ago, men constructed huge circular stone structures somewhere in southwest England. This place called Stonehenge still fascinates us today and leaves many enigmas to scientists. This composition, which opens with a majestic Celtic-inspired theme, illustrates both the long movement of pilgrims, the work of raising stones, the architecture of the place and the mystery that reigns in Stonehenge. A slow theme, such as a prayer, then reminds us of the probably sacred character of the place. The work ends by evoking the ritual of the summer solstice: from the inside of the circle of stones, one could see the sun rising towards the northeast, just above a stone erected outside. The conclusion, taking up the opening theme, leaves us with one last sensation inspired by Stonehenge: eternity.


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