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Composer: Nan Mercader
Duration: 90:00
Publisher: Ventilador Music
EAN Code: 8435015506520
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Drum DVD incl. booklet. No longer available with Tierolff.
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The most powerful tool to get started in the world of percussion. All rhythms are taught with a metronome (click). Then you will see played live by a group rhythms. Finally, you have the chance to play with a "Minus One" section (without percussion of origin, but together with other instruments).
Music sheet of all the exercises and rhythms are included, and other information on how to buy an instrument, specialized sites, how to organize your study time, etc.. Learn the history of the instrument, how to tune, how to set the correct position to play, different sounds, etc.. Arabic rhythms: Ayyub, Karachi, Masmudi kabir, Fezzani, Barwali, Maqsoum, Kalamatiano, five Turkish, Shish hast, Karsilama. Other rhythms: Rock, Hip-hop, Funk, Habanera.
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