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Composer: Marcel Poot
Arranger: André Waignein
Grade: 5
Duration: 8:56
Publisher: Tierolff
Sheetmusic for concert - or fanfare band.
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instrumentation by André Waignein. Dionysos (the God of Wine and budding nature), opens with a broad largo, the quiet first theme. This is followed by the proper bacchanal, that consists of two themes: the first one has a very playful and closed theme, in contrast to the second theme which is very full . These two themes are the basis of the presto: beautiful sound gradations, sudden pianos and fortes, crescendi, decrescendi, a variable instrumentation, variations and modulations – all of this gives the presto its lively character. In the following largo the first theme is ornamented. In the short poco animato the last theme is presented, after which the bacchanal appears for the second time and reaches an unequalled climax in a montrous tempo! André Waignein – who himself is a former Harmonie/Fanfare student from Marcel Poot – made a contemporary arrangement of this impressive composition.


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