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Festal Scenes, Jojôteki - "Matsuri", Concert Band

Composer: Yasuhide Ito
Duration: 6:00
Publisher: TRN Music
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Sheetmusic for concert band.
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Festal Scenes is already well known in this country, having been performed from the manuscript by the University of Illinois Band (under the direction of James Keene) in a performance for the American Bandmasters Association in Knoxville, Tennessee, and by the United States Air Force Band (under the direction of Col. James Bankhead) in a performance for the WASBE convention in Washington, D.C., and other notable performances, as well as hundreds of performances in Japan. Mr. Ito, a resident of Tokyo, Japan, is considered one of Japan's most promising composers. Imaginative scoring for the percussion instruments and the use of four joyful Japanese folk tunes depict a true festive atmosphere.
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