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Flourishes and Meditations on a Renaissance Theme, Concert Band

Composer: Michael Gandolfi
Grade: 5-6
Duration: 15:00
Sheetmusic for concert band.
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With supersized spriral bound score.
Flourishes and Meditations on a Renaissance Theme was commissioned by the President’s Own United States Marine Band and is dedicated to them, their Director, Colonel Michael J. Colburn and their Assistant Director, Major Jason K. Fettig. Flourishes and Meditations on a Renaissance Theme is a set of seven variations on an anonymous Renaissance melody that is simply titled Spagnoletta. It is derived from a popular melody titled Españoleta or ‘Little Spanish Tune.’ I first knew this melody as quoted by Joachin Rodrigo in his Fantasia para un gentilhombre for guitar and orchestra. I also found this tune in the 1970’s in a collection of Renaissance songs for classical guitar, and I have played it in that form countless times over the years. The basic nature or character of each variation is revealed in the labels that are placed in the score:
Variation I. (A Cubist Kaleidoscope)
Variation II. (Cantus in augmentation: speed demon)
Variation III. (Carnival)
Variation IV. (Tune’s in the round)
Variation V. (Spike)
Variation VI. (Rewind/Fast Forward)
Variation VII. (Echoes: a surreal reprise)
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