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Halters Hits and Evergreens 8

Composer: Various
Arranger: Various
Grade: M
Publisher: Musikverlag Wilhelm Halter
Size: Card size
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Sheetmusic for wind- and big band
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Titles: Copacabana (B. Manilow/B. Sussman/J. Feldman - arr. R. Kreid) · Everybody needs somebody to love (B. Russell/J. Wexler - arr. H. Kolasch) · Cielito Lindo (Traditional - arr. H. Kolasch) · Cherry Pink (R. Louiguy - arr. H. Kolasch) · Diana (P. Anka - arr. S. McMillan) · Down Town (T. Hatch - arr. N. Studnitzky) · The great Pretender (B. Ram - arr. R. Kreid) · Rose Garden (J. South - arr. T. Reinau) · Cinderella (P. Anka - arr. A. Kosko) · Pretty Belinda (C. Andrews - arr. T. Reinau) · True Love (C. Porter - arr. T. Reinau) · Monday, Monday (J. Phillips - arr. A. Kosko) · Hello Mary Lou (G. Pitney/ C. Mangiaracina - arr. N. Studnitzky) · When you smile (W. Salter/R. McDonald - arr. R. Kreid) · Everlasting love (J. Cason/M. Gayden - arr. T. Reinau) · Hard to say I'm sorry (P. Cetera/D. Foster - arr. M. Schneider)
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