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Harm Evers

Harm Evers was born on November 3, 1925 in Gramsbergen, The Netherlands, to a musical family. His musical activities started when he was eight years old when he started playing the piccolo with the local wind band “Crescendo.” Evers played numerous instruments, but ended up as clarinetist and violinist in 1950 with the 1st Regiment Infantry (now called the Johan Willem Friso Band) in Assen. He played there until 1980. Besides his activities in this band, he conducted various orchestras and taught saxophone and clarinet at several music schools. Evers studied music theory with the famous wind band composer Piet van Mever (who died in 1985). These studies encouraged Evers to compose and arrange music. As a result of these inspirational lessons from Van Mever, he composed about 600 works for wind band and drum corps. In 2013 he died in a road accident at the age of 87. He was still writing music every day until he died.

Here is a list with the works of Harm that have been published by Tierolff.

Harm as composer, band music:



Harm as arranger: