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Harry Stalpers

Harry Stalpers (1926-2001) studied violin at the Brabant Conservatory of Music with Oscar van Hemel and Simon Kooke. He started teaching the violin at the Music Academy of Bergen op Zoom and later became the director of this institution, which he led for thirty years. Under his leadership, this music school turned into a respected institution that boasted over 2,500 students. He only started composing after he retired in 1987. He wrote seventy compositions for string orchestra, clarinet quartet and clarinet choir. His compositions are performed all over the world, and “Clownery for Clarinet” for clarinet choir was introduced as a recommended test piece for clarinet choir contests in Japan.

Here is a list with works of Harry that have been published by Tierolff.

Harry as arranger, clarinet ensemble:


Harry as composer, clarinet ensemble: