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Ivo Kouwenhoven

Ivo Kouwenhoven was born on 5 April 1972 in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). At a young age he was inspired by wind band music by his grandfather, who has been a musician all of his life. After following recorder lessons for two years taught by his mother, he joined the wind band “Harmonie” in Oud-Beyerland, where he started to play the cornet. After passing two wind band examinations, he studied at the High School for Ballet and Music in Rotterdam, followed by graduating at the Rotterdam Conservatory, with a french horn major. He currently teaches and conducts several wind bands and since 1997 he has writen music for Tierolff Muziekcentrale exclusively. His compositions are mostly aimed at youth bands. His compositions “Let’s Do It”, “Let’s Do It Again” and “Party Mix” are true big sellers! Also his composition “Recorder Rock” is currently being distributed in the United States with lots of success. Kouwenhoven also wrote the “Beastly Mess” book with CD accompaniment and he is a self-taught composer.

Hieronder een lijst met alle werken welke Ivo bij Tierolff heeft uitgegeven.

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