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Johan Nijs

The Belgian composer Johan Nijs was born in Louvain on June 11, 1963. At age ten he began studying music and earned degrees in clarinet, piano, accordion, solfeggio, harmony and chamber music at various music academies. He then went to the Brussels Royal Conservatory of Music where he was awarded several prizes for solfeggio, harmony, counterpoint, wind band conducting, history of music, transposition, clarinet and piano. He has composed since age sixteen and has won numerous international composition prizes. Today Nijs is not only active as a composer and arranger, but also as guest-conductor and adjudicator. He is also a clarinetist with the Royal Band of the Belgian Air Force. His principal teachers and mentors were André Waignein and Jean Segers.

Here is a list with works of Johan that have been published by Tierolff.

Johan as composer, band music:


Johan as a composer, young band music:


Johan as an arranger:


Ensemble music arrangements from Johan, brass ensemble:


Ensemble music arrangements from Johan, clarinet ensemble:


Ensemble music arrangements from Johan, saxophone ensemble:


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