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John Nimbly (Jan van Nerijnen, David Seeker)

John Nimbly (alias from Jan van Nerijnen) was born on March 14th 1935 in Dubbeldam (The Netherlands). From 1947 – 1950 he attended private lessons piano and music theory from P.J. Oomes after which he studied from 1950 to 1955 at the Utrecht Conservatory. There he was taught trumpet (by Anton Bakker), piano (from Anton Dresden and Jan de Man) and composition (from George Stam and Kees van Baaren). Furthermore he attended music theory classes from Herman Strategier. As a trumpet player he played from 1956 ‘till 1985 at the Utrecht Symphony Orchestra. Besides that position, he played with all Dutch symphony orchestras, the Dutch Chamber Orchestra, the Dutch Travel Opera and the Italian Opera. He was a trumpet teacher himself at the Utrecht Conservatory and Music School from 1957 through 1960 and taught piano and brass instruments at various music schools. He conducted about 15 different wind bands and two singing choirs. The main part of his compositions (several hundreds!) are wind band pieces and works for brass ensembles. Highlights are his arrangement of Rossini’s “Largo Al Factotum” for solo baritone and wind band, “Fantasy” (Danzi – Mozart) for solo clarinet and wind band and the world famous “Concerto for Trumpet” by Hummel for solo trumpet and wind band.

Here is a list with the works of John that have been published by Tierolff.

John as composer, band music:


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