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Randy Beck

Randy Beck, alias from Frans Verbeeck, was born in Tisselt (Belgium) on September 12th 1926 and died on October 5th 2000 in Merksplas (Belgium). As a boy from eight years old he already played the cornet in his local fanfare band of Tisselt. This band was conducted by his grandfather, after which his father would lead this band and later on Frans himself became conductor of this band. Beck attended music school lessons from 1936 at the Music Academy in Willebroek and later on at the Conservatory of Mechelen. From 1948 he is a professional musician as trumpet soloist and arranger for the well-known orchestras from Willy Rockin and Leo Martin. He performs in many European countries with famous artists such as Charles Trenet, Frank Sinatra and Billy Eckstein. In 1960 he becomes artistic director of a record company which makes him very familiar with entertainment music. This revives his interest in band music too. He starts writing some marches that are an immediate success. From the late sixties Tierolff Muziekcentrale starts publishing his works. Some highlights from the seventies are the marches “Over and Out”, “Miami” and “Planckendael” and his “Mexican Trumpets” is a huge success all over Europe. Also his band books “Melody Makers” (vol. 1 – 5) are top sellers. These successes are followed by pieces such as “El Dorado” and the march “Stand By” and in nineties “Castles in Spain” and the march “Check Point” are big hits. Randy Beck is also famous for his arrangements, having arranged pieces such as “In the Mood”, “Music” and many medleys such as “Dixieland Selections”, “Latin Sounds”, “Gershwin for Everyone”, “Marching through America” and many more. In 1999 he composed the “Centennial”-march together with Rita Defoort, Wim Laseroms and John Nimbly for the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of Tierolff Muziekcentrale. His last two pieces – the paso-doble “Torre de Fuego” and the march “On Line” – are recorded on the CD Tierolff for Band, no. 10 – “Tumaco” in 2000. Randy Beck was also involved during the recording of 10 CD’s for Tierolff, even in early 2000.

Here is a list with the works of Frans that have been published by Tierolff.

Melody Makers Series:


Frans as composer, band music:


Frans as arranger:


Frans as composer/arranger, solo-/ensemble music:


Frans as composer/arranger, drumband: