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Rhythmic Warm-ups

Composer: Peter Kleine Schaars
Grade: Eenvoudig/gemiddeld
Duration: 2:30
Publisher: De Haske
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sheetmusic for concert/fanfare - or brass band
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Many conductors have an excellent habit of starting every rehearsal with a sound study. However, it is just as important to regularly improve the rhythmic skills of the musicians. With Rhythmic Warm-ups, you'll have a wide range of efficient exercises for every orchestra at every level. You can combine the 10 modern five-part harmonizations (A to J) with the 36 rhythmic patterns - giving you 360 exercises at your disposal. Expansion is possible by playing different voices (1-5) with different rhythmic patterns. Some exercises become almost small songs in themselves. Of course, it is also possible to combine the harmonisations with specific rhythmic patterns (which you select from the repertoire you are working on, for example). By using patterns with straight eighths and in swing (straight eighths and swing-eighths) you can train the orchestra in all rhythmic facets of light music. By notating the same rhythmic swing pattern in both the 4/4 and 12/8 time grades, these Rhythmic Warm-ups give you the opportunity to teach even the most classically oriented orchestra some swing feeling within a few rehearsals and get more at home in Latin American rhythms. With Rhythmic Warm-ups, you can get your orchestra in rhythmic condition.
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