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Ritual Pictures

Composer: Benoît Chantry
Grade: 4
Duration: 11:35
Publisher: Tierolff
Sheetmusic for concert band.
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With spiral bound A3 score.
Ritual Pictures is a musical fresco inspired by the ritual celebration during the famous "Ducasse de Mons" (Belgium), recognized as a treasure of heritage by UNESCO. The piece is presented as a series of continuous variations that are all based on the "Air du Doudou,” the emblematic melody of the Ducasse de Mons and a symbol of popular worship. Contrary to the well-known principles of theme and variations, Ritual Pictures offers ten variations before the theme itself is heard. This unusual order is built up slowly, with the "Air du Doudou" being the highlight, just as the battle between "Saint-Georges" and the dragon marks the highlight of the "Ducasse”. A final variation, with a brilliant character, concludes the work.


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