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Russian Spectacular

Composer: Traditionals/Vasil Solovjov-Sedoj
Arranger: Frede Gines
Grade: 3-4
Duration: 5:45
Publisher: Tierolff
Sheetmusic for concert - or fanfare band.
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Volga Boat Song | Cossack Drive | Stenka Rasin | Moscovites Nights, Vasil Solovjov-Sedoj | Kalinka. This medley is based on five Russian folk songs that have been especially arranged for band. The impressive introduction is based on "The Wolga Boat Song". Soon this theme is played in a bigband style, which gives the melody a nice, joyous feel. In the same tempo follows "Cavalry of the Steppes" in all its simplicity, yet very full of sound. "Stenka Rasin" brings some peace and serenity to the composition. The beautiful melody magnificently introduces the famous theme "The Theme of the Meiklokjes" (?). A rich instrumentation of saxophones, horns and trombones underlines the beauty of this popular tune. And to finish the tune there’s the world famous "Kalinka". The theme is initialy presented in a slow tempo, but gradually increases tempo. Success guaranteed!


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