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Andante In C Major, K.V. 315

Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Arranger: André Waignein
Grade: 2-3 / solo 4
Duration: 5:30
Publisher: Tierolff
Size: Card size
Sheetmusic for concert band only.
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Who doesn’t know Mozart? This Austrian composer, born in Salzburg (1756-1791), is considered to be one of the very greatest masters in the art of music. He composed beautiful symphonies, impressive operas, piano sonatas and concerti and a subliminal "Requiem". This master in creating melodies is always searching for purity, beauty and reaches unheared levels of mastership in the simplicity and grace of his compositions. All of these aspects can be heared in the Andante in C Major for flute solo and wind band. Close your eyes… and enjoy!


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