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Less Is More, trumpet method English

Composer: Frank van der Poel
Grade: Advanced
Trumpet method
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In Less Is More, Dutch trumpeter Frank van der Poel distills his vision about playing into one quote: "This book explains how to play the trumpet instead of fighting it." Van der Poel’s method is especially suitable for trumpet teachers, conservatory students, and advanced players. He combines two worlds: that of physiotherapy and the practical one of playing the trumpet. In the first two chapters he focuses on the technical and theoretical side of this objective. Chapter 3 outlines the reason for this methodology. Technique exercises begin in Chapter 4, preceded by "Do’s and Don’ts" and useful tips. Less Is More is heavily based on Van der Poel’s decades of practical experience, supplemented with stories and anecdotes from his professional career.

Less Is more emphasizes that using less air and doing proportionally less with the embouchure makes playing the trumpet easier and more effective. This is a method book for advanced trumpet players, but teachers and students alike--including beginners-- can benefit from these essential concepts.192 pages.
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