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Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach
Arranger: Willy Hautvast
Duration: 4:35
Publisher: Tierolff
Sheetmusic for concert - or fanfare band.
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A "sicilienne" (or "siciliano" or "siciliana") is a form of dance originating in Sicily (Italy). It was originally a shepherd dance, but later (starting in the Baroque period) the "sicilienne" was also used as part of a suite, or as a separate composition. The "siciliano", like the "forlane" and the "gigue" are considered cheerful dances. The "sicilienne" can be found in both the vocal and the instrumental repertoire. Many composers used the "siciliano", including Gabriel Fauré and Johann Sebastian Bach. This "siciliano" by Bach comes from the 2nd flute sonata and has been beautifully adapted for band by Willy Hautvast.


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