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Sven Van Calster

Sven Van Calster was born in Belgium in 1981. At the age of 8 he started studying music at the Municipal Academy "Jozef Pauly" in Ekeren. Afterwards he continued his studies at the Kunsthumaniora and the conservatory in Antwerpen. In addition to being a music teacher, Sven Van Calster is a composer, conductor, and member of juries during music competitions. His first work for band was published in 2001, and since then more than 40 of his pieces have been published. In addition to works for band, he has written children's musicals, piano music, and music for young band. Since 2006 Sven has served as an orchestrator for the Flemish film composer Brian Clifton, with whom he has worked on film projects, advertising clips, and tunes for television series. Outside of Belgium he is active abroad as a guest conductor of his own works and as a jury member at competitions.

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