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The Curse Of Polyphemus

Composer: Harry Richards
Grade: 4
Duration: 9:05
Publisher: Tierolff
Sheetmusic for concert - or fanfare band.
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Polyphemus is one of the barbaric, one-eyed giants from the ancient Greek mythology. On his way home (Ithaca), Odysseus and his men end up in Polyphemus’ cave – Polyphemus being Poseidon’s son. The Cyclops was in for a meal, so he crushed some men against the rocks and immediately devours some. Then he blocks the cave entrance with a great stone, trapping Odysseus’ remaining friends. Odysseus devises a clever escape plan: he gives to Polyphemus strong, un-watered wine. Of course, this made Polyphemus drunk. He says "You’re not such a bad guys" asks for Odysseus’ name, who responds with "My name is nobody." When the giant was asleep, Odysseus lights a massive olivewood club and drives the flaming stake into Polyphemus’ eye, blinding him. Because the Cyclops is yelling ‘Nobody’ has hurt him, the other Cyclopes think he is making a fool out of them and they go away. Odysseus and his friends still couldn’t escape, because they were still trapped inside the cave. When Polyphemus’ sheep started to bleat, he removed the stone so the animals could go outside to graze. Meanwhile, clever Odysseus had thought of the idea of tying themselves to the undersides of Polyphemus’ sheep, so he couldn’t feel them on their backs. This plan succeeded and Odysseus and his men could safely escape. The Cyclops however prayed to his father, Poseidon, for revenge. Poseidon then curses Odysseus, because of which his journey back to Ithaca would take almost as long as the Trojan War


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