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The History Of Haamstede

Composer: Ivo Kouwenhoven
Grade: 3
Duration: 5:45
Publisher: Tierolff
Sheetmusic for concert - or fanfare band.
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The famous history of the Dutch regional Zealand village Haamstede is told in three parts. Part 1) ‘Witte’ Beats the Flemish In 1303 Witte from Haemstede and his army were besieged by the Flemish in a town called Zierikzee. After a spectacular escape attempt, Witte got away by sea together with his men, then expanded his army and defeated the Flemish army. Part 2) The Mermaid of Westenschouwen Westenschouwen was a prosperous little town by the sea. Its wealth made the citizens selfish and proud. One day they caught a mermaid in their nets, but despite all the mermaid’s appeals, they didn’t want to give her back to the sea. Then the mermaid cursed a spell on this town and since then ill fate struck Westenschouwen. Part 3) The Saving Landmark: The Lighthouse Sailors used to rely strongly on beacons on the coast for pointing out their routes. Thelighthouse from Westenschouwen was built in 1837. At the present time, the Nieuw Haamstede’s lighthouse is the strongest one of The Netherlands: 5,200,100 candles. Free CD Included with a complete set.


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