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The Light Stone

Composer: Daniel Muck
Grade: 3
Duration: 7:40
Publisher: Tierolff
Sheetmusic for concert - or fanfare -, or brass band.
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The Light Stone tells the historical story of "Burg Liechtenstein" (derived from: light stone). At first, the structure of this mighty castle is described by a renaissance-like coral. Slowly but surely it develops into a full, enriched sound, which indicates the perfection of this building. After some time, Ottoman troops begin to attack the Austrian lines. Not only has the "light stone" castle been badly damaged, but many people have to endure this long period of horror, during which looting, robbery and death are the order of the day. But the people around the castle recover and start the reconstruction to make this unique and unmistakable castle shine again. It was often destroyed and rebuilt by human hands to preserve this fantastic and powerful structure of centuries-old cultures and traditions.


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