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The Ruin Of Staatz

Composer: Daniel Muck
Grade: 3
Duration: 9:40
Publisher: Tierolff
Sheetmusic for concert –, or fanfare band.
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With spiral bound A3 score.
The Ruin of Staatz is a musical interpretation of the "Legend of Staatz" ("The black woman"). It describes the myth of the Swedish invasion of the castle of Staatz. In the beginning one can sense disaster coming, musically expressed through a kind of medieval dance and chorale representing the heyday of the "Staatzer" castle. During the Thirty Years' War, more and more Swedish troops travelled throughout Austria, and sometimes they would try to storm the invincible castle of Staatz. For days, the knights of Staatz and the people brace for an attack by the Swedes, including a young girl, who dreads what is in store for her. After a few days of rest, the Swedes start to bomb the castle and storm it with troops. The Swedes penetrate deep the castle, where they plunder, destroy and kill. After the terrible attack, only the spirit of the young virgin can still be heard by the sound of the bells.


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