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Warrior's Dream

Composer: Kah Chun Wong
Grade: 5
Duration: 11:45
Publisher: Tierolff
Sheetmusic for concert -, or fanfare band.
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With supersize score
Second Movement of the symphony Vox Stellarum. The "Vox Stellarum Symphony" is a project first conceived by the composer in 2003, and was finally completed 10 years later for the first complete performance in April 2012. "Vox Stellarum", latin for "voice of the spheres," is a reflection of mankind and how our pursuit for power, affluence and property has led to devastating results on our planet. The most important inspiration behind this work are two pictures the composer has seen. Both are photographs of Earth--one in 1970, and one in 2002-- and a huge difference could be seen, with the latter one being less green and beautiful than the former. The symphony is in four parts, and begins with "Overture to Vox Stellarum," which highlights the start of our journey into space for discovering the beauty of our world. The second movement, "Warrior's Dream," is an extended prayer for world peace, paving the way for a utopia of bliss and harmony. In the next movement, all musicians put down their instruments in exchange for stones to perform "Gaia's Wrath," in a symbolic gesture representing the demise of technology from war, back into the dark ages. "Journey's End," the last movement of the symphony, is in two broad sections-- a rondo and an epilogue-- describing the last struggle of mankind and the possible discovery of a new home on another planet, since the natural resources on Earth are almost fully depleted. All four movements of the symphony can be performed individually. The symphony can be ordered as a complete set, and every movement is also available separately. The symphony is dedicated to the memory of a world without war.


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