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Where The River Falls

Composer: Fritz Neuböck
Grade: 3
Duration: 8:10
Publisher: Tierolff
Sheetmusic for concert band only.
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"Where The River Falls" was composed by Fritz Neuböck for the "Musikverein Roitham am Traunfall" on the occasion of its 110th anniversary. The township of "Roitham am Traunfall" is located in the heart of Upper Austria, directly on this beautiful river. The waterfall (Traunfall) and the late Gothic church, which has its first mentioned documents dating from 1350, form the heart of this composition. This composition is divided into the following sections: (bar 1 - 63) Active life on the river, (bar 64 - 103) Idylle on the water, (bar 104 - 138) Waterfall, (bar 140 - 170) Late Gothic church, (bar 172 - end) The active life continues. This mix of peace and energy stands for both the city of "Roitham" and the Community band, which has a flourishing future ahead.


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