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Willy Hautvast

Dutch band composer and arranger Willy Hautvast was born in 1932. After his musical studies Hautvast became solo clarinet player in the Royal Dutch Airforce Band from 1951 until 1974. In this period he arranged about 250 pieces for this band. In 1974 he left the Airforce Band and was appointed director of the band and classical departments of Music Education Center “The Lindernberg” in Nijmegen (The Netherlands). Willy Hautvast has been a member of the board of the college of jury members of band contests and examiner of federate examinations. He received composition commissions by SOMNO, SAMO, NFCM, Creative Art Fund and the city of Venlo; he was awarded 1st Prize winner in 1970 in the composition contest of the Dutch town of Hilvarenbeek. From 1991 he works as a composer and arranger exclusively. About 1000 of his compositions and arrangements are published. In 1991 he was appointed Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau for services rendered.

Here is a list with the works of Willy that have been published by Tierolff.

Willy as arranger:


Willy as composer, young band music:


Willy as composer, band music:


Ensemble music arrangements of Willy, brass quartet:


Ensemble music arrangements of Willy, clarinet quartet:


Ensemble music arrangements of Willy, saxophone quartet:


Ensemble music arrangements of Willy, woodwind quartet:


Other publications of Willy: