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Fields Overture

Componist: Hiroki Takahashi
Duur: 6:15
Uitgeverij: Brain Music
Categorie: Concertstukken
Bladmuziek voor alleen harmonie.
Incl. speciale partijen voor Europa.

Commissioned by Ohda Junior High School Band, Ibaraki, Osaka and premiered in their 2013 annual summer concert.
The purpose of this work was to offer junior high school students the opportunity to work on and acquire fundamentals of band performance through a fun piece of music.
Back in my school band days, the music of Swearingen, Huckeby and Barnes (“Alvamar Overture”) was considered essential educational band literature. They were the inspiration for this work utilizing the typical overture form, fast-slow-fast. I am not sure what impression contemporary school students get from my writing, but I aim to write music that is both enjoyable and memorable.
Another aspect I consider when composing is having a lyrical melodic line (in Japanese, we say “singing”, or expressive melody). Since musical instruments cannot literally sing, it is crucial for instrumentalists to express their thoughts and emotions through techniques such as musical phrasing and tonal blending. In the context of structure, a change of pace occurs twice in this work, known as A-B-A form. However, there is more to music then simple form.
Change of character is an important part of the musical storyline just as many different scenes make up a movie or a novel. I would like young musicians to participate in a complete musical experience. Therefore, I am eager to compose a work where school students can develop both technique and musical expressiveness.

The title “Fields Overture” is based on the nature-rich field scenery surrounding Ohda Junior High School. The impression is of a horse running freely in a magnificent meadow where brilliant rays of the sun are shining.

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