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Fly High

Componist: Takashi Hoshide
Graad: 3
Duur: 4:30
Uitgeverij: Brain Music
Categorie: Swing/Entertainment Muziek
Bladmuziek voor alleen harmonie.
Incl. speciale partijen voor Europa.

“Fly High” was commissioned by New City Winds of Shunan City, Yamaguchi, Japan and premiered on November 2008 by the composer himself. As it reads, “Fly High” suggests to soar highly, it also means to be ambitious and to prosper. The composer wanted to send a message to fellow musicians to continue to soar big and high with ambition in their hearts.

Begin strongly at opening and pay attention to accent for trumpets and trombones at [B]. Emphasize on contrasts between [B] and [C] with high woodwind. Play tenor saxophone solo lyrically and freely at [D]. Pay attention to sound volume balance between the woodwinds’ melody and brass’ counterpart. Play correspondence between trumpet and French horn at [G] and play grandly to the world! Starting at [I], each section takes turn and play soli. Player may standup and show off their play as preferred. If you have a great drummer in the band, you may play [N] long. It is also a most emotional part of the entire song but do not go slow in tempo and hit it off to the end. Tuba and electric bass play important roles to lead the band with their detailed bass lines.

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