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Roof Garden

Composer: Al Jarreau/Jay Graydon/Tom Canning
Arranger: Rob Balfoort
Grade: 5
Duration: 3:55
Publisher: Tierolff
Category: Pop/Rock
Sheetmusic for concert -, or fanfare band.
Al Jarreau is an American jazz and pop music singer known for his improvised scat singing and his ability to imitate musical instruments with his voice. Roof Garden is one of his best-known songs. It is a challenging composition with a terrific groove. The voice and guitar parts are optional and the solo part with Jarreau’s scat singing has been transcribed by the arranger for instruments in C, B flat and E flat. One can play the solo as it is written on the score, or the soloist(s) can improvise. Our recorded version uses alto saxophone as soloist.
With optional voice.

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