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Selections From "Princess Mononoke"

Composer: Joe Hisaishi
Arranger: Kazuhiro Morita
Grade: 4
Duration: 9:20
Publisher: Brain Music
Category: Film
Sheetmusic for concert band only, incl. special European parts.
I love the melodies of Joe Hisaishi. While arranging five of his collaboration compositions with the renowned Hayao Miyazaki to wind band, I paid close attention that the beauty of the melody not be lost in the process.
In early autumn of 1998, a high school band director from Shizuoka prefecture visited, asking me to arrange Princess Mononoke. This was beginning of a lasting relationship with Hisaishi’s works. I knew that the movie was a blockbuster hit the summer prior; however, I had not listened to the music until then. There was a recording done, not the sound track, by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. It was an eye opening, heart-moving experience. I understood why the director asked for this project. I based my arrangement on that recording. For a symphonic suite, I selected three pieces, “Ashitaka Kouki (The Legend of Ashitaka)”, “TA・TA・RI・GAMI” (Demon God), and “Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke)”. Fortunately it lead to many bands performing this great piece of music.
This new selection version was an idea from Mr. Tomoki Ubata of the renowned Inagakuen Lower and Comprehensive Upper Secondary School Wind Ensemble. He asked me to shorten the 16-minute piece to use for band contests in Japan (AJBC regulations limit stage performance to 12 minutes for test piece and open selection). Since contest pieces require a clear-cut course of events (introduction, development, denouement, and conclusion) or specific style, I have replaced “Mononoke Hime” with “San and Ashitaka in the Forest of the Deer” and re-orchestrated and upgraded some sections. I have written the 3rd clarinet part accessible for beginning clarinetists not used to the register key to still play an important role. It is a necessary part and should not be omitted.
(Kazuhiro Morita, 2008)

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